Guaranteed Home Health Care: A registered nurse- 

owned comprehensive home health care agency 

based in the Twin Cities.

Our Mission

Guaranteed Home Health Care’s mission is to provide the best integrated home health services available in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area.  

Vision Statement

Our commitment is to enhance the quality of life, preserve the dignity and respect the cultural and spiritual beliefs of our clients while providing excellent clinical and social services as trusted providers. Our qualified staff members provide clinical care and health education with uncompromising compassion. Our focus is on the personal with one to one attention for each person in everything we do. Highest standards, affordable prices, attention to detail and meeting the personal needs of each of our clients are the central concerns of our service. 

Our Service Delivery Model

Our model for delivering services puts our clients first and treats them as a whole person by including their mind, body and soul as we meet their optimum health goals.

Individualized Treatment Plans for Every Client

Guaranteed Home Health Care strives to offer individualized treatment plans based on the needs of our clients.  In doing so we:

    . Develop a trusting relationship.

      . Provide a safe environment.

      . Collaborate with several qualified physical and occupational therapeutic agencies to provide teaching and training to patients and families.

Payment Options Available

Guaranteed Home Health Care offers various payment options to help our clients meet the needs of their unique situation, including:

  • Private pay.
  • State Waiver program.
  • Medicaid.
  • blue cross blue shield mn
  • Medica